What Has Changed Recently With ECigs?

What Has Changed Recently With ECigs?

All You Need to Know about Vape Pens.

One of the most popular habits that is exhibited by smokers nowadays especially those who are on the verge of quitting smoking is vaping. A decade ago, vapes and e-cigarettes weren’t a common smoking device though they have gained popularity in recent years making the industry rise. Basically, these devices are smoking products that use flower concentrates. There are a variety of designs for vape pens as there are those that use waxy concentrates and thick oils while others make use of herbs. Those that use waxy concentrates and thick oils are known as dab pens. Instead of using e-liquid, vape pens use concentrates or loose leaf herbs though their design looks similar to that of e-cigarettes.

Dab pens contain a heating element within them that uses a small battery for power. These vape pens utilize conduction for them to work effectively though others use convection. There is a hot coil within the dab pen that warms up and produces vapor once the user dabs a bit of the concentrate on it. The vapor can be drawn to the mouthpiece at the top of the pen simply by pressing a button.

Dry herb vapes are another type of vape pens that work similarly to dab pens. These vape pens have a lithium ion battery, a compartment for the herb as well as a heating element. Another component of the dry herb vapes is the fine mesh screen. When using it, one is required to pack the compartment with flower blends, loose-leaf flower or finely ground herbs. The herb is warmed up enough using the heating element such that the chemicals in it are vaporized without it combusting.

There are a variety of reasons as to why smokers who want to quit smoking should definitely try out vape pens. Among the reasons for using vape pens is the fact that they are more healthy. This is because one gets to enjoy smoking their favorite concentrates without taking in any dangerous toxins. Another benefit of smoking vape pens is that one isn’t exposed to irritants such as ash since it doesn’t combust. Vape pens therefore come in handy especially for those with respiratory problems.

Vape pens are very portable. Travelling with your dab rig can be very challenging for most people. Vape pens, being slim little devices, are very easy for one to carry around. One can either put them in their pockets, purses, or even their backpacks without them occupying too much space. Safety is another added advantage of using vape pens as one doesn’t get burned easily. Using a vape pen is quite easy for the most part. Basically, one needs to put herb in the compartment and push the button after they ensure the batteries are charged.

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