Find an Authentic Tone for the Best Sexy Text Messages

Find an Authentic Tone for the Best Sexy Text Messages

What are the two biggest concerns with any sexy text message? It is the concern that it will come across as awkward or desperate—the last two things anyone wants to convey in a message. How can a text message be sexy and not terrible? What is the trick to making this come across as authentic and not the worst thing imaginable? The secret is to find an authentic place. What does this mean?

Match the Mood with the Text

Sometimes, the feeling is hard to pinpoint, and that’s okay. There is an overwhelming feeling of awkwardness. But, it is always possible to dig around and find an authentic response to it all. Is there innocence and naivety? How about a strong and defining sense of confidence?

Is teasing a comfortable place to be or is all this just a little too much work and a more straightforward approach is good? Some like to cut out the excess and get to the point with a romantic text, a visual text, or an anticipatory text. Tease what is expected to come.

Authentic Mood

All of this is great, but it has to come from a place of authenticity. If anyone forces the content, it comes across as just wrong, false, or unacceptable. The person receiving the text won’t respond well to a message that is forced outside the character of the person sending it. It may work for a bit, but the person will see through that façade.

Find a place of some kind of comfort. What type of style is preferred? Go with that approach. Don’t worry about trying to pretend to fit a different image, especially one that is just going to fade away. Someone sending a straightforward text when they are anything but may get a straightforward reply. Then they are shocked. It just doesn’t work well.

A safe place to start is with innocent and teasing sexy text messages. There is a sense of mystery and charm. It is never overt. Nothing is strongly implied. It allows a little testing of the waters. Tease the situation and feel it out and hope he responds with charm and not pushiness.

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